Poems from Sarah Rodriguez


Love was something he felt

But did not receive in return

He always hoped to receive

A little benevolence or sympathy.

The world turned its back

No one cared

Not a single tear

Would stop the overwhelming hatred.

Hatred spreads more hatred

From his fingertips to the ends of his hair

The evil absorbed in his iron blood

And turned it blue.

Yet his beating heart still yearned

For someone to love

For someone to share

The pleasures & pains of life.


The dim sun is tasty

Its fiery juice trickles off my plump lips

Only one bite remains

Shall I plunge this world

Into darkness forever?

If eaten,

This candle

Will never light again

Its brilliance

Will be forgotten

Why must it go?

I cannot keep the bliss away

The pause before chaos erupts

Floods my face frozen

Tears bead at the corners

Why can’t I keep it down?

About Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah lives in San Diego where she likes to paint and code up robots. When she's not doing that, she spends her time with her husband, son and 2 dogs.


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