Poem from Dayna Lellis

Strong Women

I know strong women who are loud.

They speak their minds to the masses,

knowing that their truths are more important

than placating fragile egos.

They lead the march into battle,

facing injustice with relentless determination.

I know strong women who are quiet.

They value listening just as much as speaking.

Their words may not reach the masses,

but they reach a few deeply.

They know that some battles

can only be won with kindness.

I’m proud to know strong women.

About Dayna Lellis

Dayna Lellis graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 2013 and Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2014. She works as a middle school teacher in New York and writes in her spare time. Her poetry is forthcoming in Valley Voices: A Literary Review.


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