Poem from Jenue Brosinski

Breathe Into Me

I remember you promising a night of pleasure.

I’m holding you to that.

One night is all it takes for you to breathe into me.

For me to breathe into you.

Exploring each other for the first time.

Perhaps, for the last time.

Forever doesn’t exist.

But now is all we need

To discover what lies beneath the hard edges

And smooth curves.

Finally fitting those pieces together.

Imagine how delicious.

Breathe into me.

You know what I like.

I know what you like.

No rules. Remember?

Let’s use one moment.

Feel into me.

Can you see me?

I can see you.

You’re so beautiful no poetry can describe you.

You’re corn silk and baby’s breath

Thrown into a storm of car engines

And cigarettes.

I want all your parts.

Give me the green of your eyes and the heart of your jewel.

I’ll take the good of your humor and the harsh of your anger.

Breathe into me.

Feel into me.

Come into me.

About Jenue Brosinski

Jenue Brosinski a junior accountant. She writes in her spare time and has published two short stories and two poems. English is her native language. She is fluent in German and proficient in Portuguese. Her hobbies include traveling and sitting in coffee shops to watch people walk past. She, however, hates coffee.


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