Poem from Rebecca Sian Pyne


Your lying kisses tasted like stale wine.

Your breath was warm and tainted by deceit.

This new heart you held, it was never mine.

On those nightly trysts when you both would meet.

How could you do such a terrible thing?

You lied when you promised to remain true.

When on my finger you’d just put a ring.

What did you really expect me to do?

I acted from rage but also from grief,

Tracked your mistress down, I wanted her dead.

For a Fury scorned is beyond belief.

In your arrogance, you took her to bed.

My parting gift to help make a new start,

Instead of forgiveness, I give her heart.

About Rebecca Sian Pyne

Rebecca Sian Pyne is a writer/ mental health first aider / freelance micropalaeontologist from rural West Wales. She is a departmental administrator supporting students at Aberystwyth University, currently enrolled on a Cert HE in Creative Writing. Publication credits include Mad Scientist Review, Aurora Wolf, The Dawntreader, EMG-zine, Albedo One, and others.


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