Poem from Stacey Rice

Gabriel Beckett and His Tablet

after Shel Silverstein’s Jimmy Jet and His TV Set

I’ll tell you the story of Gabriel Beckett –

please know that what I say is true.

He loved to watch his tablet

even more than you do!

He started swiping before 6 a.m., and continued into the night,

until his eyes got crossed and his neck got cramped.

From Minecraft to YouTube to Doodle Jump

to Super Hero Bike Mega Ramp.

He stared till his eyes popped out,

and his hands became part of the iPad case.

His cheeks started to glow,

and music came from his face.

His mouth emitted blue light.

His head became the screen.

One nostril became a round, white button

the other, the camera of the machine.

And he grew a cord that looked like a tail,

so we charged up my little babe.

And now instead of a tablet

we tap on little Gabe.

About Stacey Rice

Stacey Rice is a teacher by trade, a former journalist, and most importantly a mom. When she’s not substituting in an elementary classroom, she’s busy scrubbing jelly off the kitchen counter and folding unending loads of laundry. She can often be found fighting with her kids about their iPad use - she is convinced her son will turn into one! She loves her family, her faith, and FaceTime!


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