Poems from Alisha Crump

The Crack

There’s a crack in the headboard

Has it always been there?

Did he see it

and ignore it?

Maybe he didn’t think

it was going to crack open

a thunderstorm

above our heads

Maybe he was too proud to admit

that you can’t change the weather

I traced it upward with my fingertip

It was surprisingly smooth

like the skin of a ripe apple

I expected to wince

for it to shock my finger

with its grainy teeth

Teeth that it must have

but have been hiding this whole time

just waiting for the opportunity

to sink its obnoxious fangs

into my unsuspecting flesh

I never felt that passion or desire

that urge to claim me as its lifelong partner

and walk me down the aisle

Maybe when we used to wear shy smiles

but were soon thrown away

for the tight lines of our mouths

Now I’m trailing my finger lazily

down the crack

hoping for the bite

that will never come

Coffee Run

Red tail lights, right hand

searching for the gear shift and

the button hiding underneath

like it knew this was going to happen

but didn’t want any part


like a handful of potato chips

being eaten by someone

with their mouth open

My mouth was open too

but the only thing

that I was chewing on

was what to say

The feeling, a violation

like I was changing

in my bedroom and someone was

peeping at me through the blinds


that it was already too late

My coffee sat there

looking white in the sunlight

while we exchanged information

then drove away


I have a best friend

She is the one in my head

spewing out poems

About Alisha Crump

Alisha Crump holds a bachelor’s degree in English Studies from Ball State University. She was a poetry editor for Ball State’s national literary magazine, The Broken Plate. Keeping her passion alive, she is now a poetry editor for Torrid Literature Journal and Orson's Review. Her poetry has been published in Junto Magazine and Sun & Sandstone. When she is not reading, writing, or editing poetry, she can be found reading a Stephen King novel or watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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