Poems from Amarine Rose Ravenwood

A Mother's Treasure

She holds her child near,

Her child, so dear,

As the chair rocks to and fro…

It’s been a hard day,

And the long night is gray,

As she straightens the little hair bow...

Sleep may be far off,

for the little one’s cough,

Yet, the mother’s touch is sweet…

And the gentlest sway,

of the chair, just for bae,

is controlled by Mama’s feet…

The fire, nearby,

In the hearth, makes Mom sigh,

And her head drops down to doze…

Snuggled in place,

is that sweet, precious face,

and the child is in repose…

There’s rest, after all,

‘Till the morning’s bright call,

And the night is deep and mild…

A mother, she gives,

For as long as she lives,

To the care of her cherished child…

The Free Spirit

Arms spread wide to touch the sky,

She embraces all she is,

Not missus or madame or ma’am or mom,

She is definitely a Miz.

Her heart, it soars, it flies, it sweeps,

It blasts all in its path,

In fiery passion and flaming expression,

Her joy can flash to wrath.

In highs and lows, there’s no mid-ground,

Adventures are a must,

Experience is first upon her list,

In this, she’ll always trust.

Brazen and brave, she takes such risks,

And always bets her all,

And though catastrophe abounds,

She learns from every fall.

Her heart is light and heaven-bright,

Still full of innocence,

The twisted world has not impressed,

Or made its own imprints.

The future, now, still seems far off,

She’ll plan for that tomorrow.

Today, she’s all wrapped up in now,

And trouble, she won’t borrow.

She’s currently in the prime of life,

The world bends to her will,

And though someday, her age will fray,

For now, she takes her fill,

Of life, of hope, of love’s sweet passion,

Imagination free,

She revels in joy and tastes the day,

Content to simply be.

A Grandmother's Promise

A grandmother’s promise

To always be there,

To watch and care and love,

Is carried out long,

even after she’s gone,

As she watches from above.

She knows each mistake;

the chances you take,

But she never stops her cheering;

For each time you fall,

Not one time, but all,

Is a lesson not for fearing.

She spreads out her wings,

At times even sings,

In the hopes that your heart will hear,

And take strength from it,

Become inner-lit,

For to her, you are that dear.

You should never forget

How you two used to sit,

And she’d tell you all her stories,

For she’s never left;

You’re not so bereft,

And she revels in your glories.

About Amarine Rose Ravenwood

Amarine Rose Ravenwood writes whimsical, hearth and home, magical, fairy-tale, and Halloween-story themed poetry that has both rhyme and meter, as well as writing children's, preteen, and young adult fantasy fiction. She is drawn to the innocent and the dreamy, and her work appeals to both the young and the young-at-heart.


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