Poems from Anahit Arustamyan

Hey, Winds!

Hey, winds! You sweep butterflies away.

A short day is their ages' scales.

A butterfly disappears with its beauty.

Hey, winds! You will never be able to steal fairies.

They neither get lost nor pass away.

They are the same dead butterflies reborn in unreal fantasies.

Hey, winds! Were those butterflies real on the scales of your yesterday?

O crazy winds! Butterflies turn into fairies.

Probably Sunsets Are Alike

Yesterday's sunrise was different.

A rose and a nightingale fell in love.

An apricot tree was a bride.

Its dress made from blossoms was white.

Today's sunrise is different.

It is raining but wait, the sun will smile!

All sunrises are different.

Probably sunsets are alike.

I Am Asleep While Nights Give Way My Ages

Nights fly to me like gigantic eagles.

They cover my tiny being.

Nights remind me of dark wings.

An owl looks around for something.

Nights heal the owl's blindness.

My eyes don't need healing.

They see both owls and pigeons.

Nights wrap my memories in the stars' twinkle.

What remains when days go to nothingness?

What remains? Memories!

My tiny being is wrapped in my life's limited pages.

I sleep when nights fly like dark eagles.

I am asleep while nights give away my ages.

The Dreams' Hues

Seashells! Who were you?

Do you still remember the streets' tunes?

Who gave you your vivid hues?

Were your lovers' eyes blue?

I send you my whispers from my room.

The air's light horses ride to you.

Each of you is a dream's bloom.

How many lost dreams gave you their clues?

Do the seas remind you of your lovers' eyes in blue?

Look! There might be a torn slipper or a gold shoe!

There might be nothing except the dreams' hues.

Here Are My Healing Prayers

Here are my healing prayers for those who need.

The pain inside a tight bandage screams.

The rain cools down the shoulders of an elderly cliff.

The mermaid looks for her sailor even in a mad wind.

The sailor is sometimes late to reach his mermaid and she turns into a reef.

The reef doesn't care what it used to be, a woman or a fish.

Are my healing prayers for the pains with trembling lips?

The cliffs look at me like strangers but I know what they think.

They don't need my healing prayers as they don't get ill.

About Anahit Arustamyan

Anahit Arustamyan is an Armenian poetess. She writes romantic and philosophical poems rich in metaphors and allegorical expressions. Her creative works are full of emotions and deep thoughts. Her poems have appeared in different poetry magazines and anthologies both online and in print. She is the author of the poetry books: The Queen Of Metaphors, My Intoxicated Ink, The Phantom's Dolphin, Words In Flight, and The Canvas Of My Soul which are available on Amazon.


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