Poems from Anna Arnold-Wallen

my return

A thousand whales


for my return

to the place

from which I came.

I dreamed

it was my time

to die.


what business do I have

to be here?

I am a destroyer of things.

I submerge, expand, and explode.

wreckage ensues.

mostly mine. probably yours.

I intend no harm,

only wishing to cover every surface

with my ever-present affections.

my love can build cities

from ash, from bone, from sky.

my love

is a raging hurricane from the sea.

we are in the eye.

we are in the eye.

the diver

she was terrified

of how deep inside

I could go

and see.

About Anna Arnold-Wallen

Anna Arnold-Wallen writes poetry because she can't not. She currently resides in Colorado.


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