Poems from Colleen Moyne

I Remember

I don’t remember love,

only eye-rolling impatience

and folded-arm frustration

at my attempts to connect

I can’t recall laughter,

only tight-jawed tolerance

and foot-tapping fury

at every timid approach

There was no conversation,

only sullen silence

and brutal brushing-off

and long, lonely hours

But I remember that day...

your face

all stiff-lipped stuffiness

and stern-eyed judgement

wrapped in scowling folds

The day I finally walked away

taking only a suitcase

and a silent promise

of unconditional self love.

Curiosity Dissolved

I was little

but absorbed much

in the curious days of childhood.

The essence of adventure

born of hunger

for this large world.

But days turned the months into years...

and curiosity dissolved.


I cared little

but harboured much

in the innocent days of my youth.

Facade of bravado

born of peer pressure

or 'fear' pressure.

Shape-shifting to fit with friends...

and innocence dissolved.


We spoke little

but conveyed much

in the passionate days of new love.

But time tamed us,

apathy claimed us,

silence reigned

Days turned the months into years...

and passion dissolved.

About Colleen Moyne

Colleen Moyne is a published freelance writer living in the lovely riverside town of Mannum in South Australia. She has won several awards for her poetry and has had poems and short stories published in a number of anthologies. Her first solo collection will be launched in early 2019.


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