Poems from Frances Koziar


They came

once, a people we didn’t believe in

warriors across a horizon

colourless with war

They fought

once, but they bled alone

and we didn’t realize until afterward

that they had tried to save us

They left

once, and we remained behind

holding the spears they had brought

warriors forged in apology

They were remembered

once, as the half-truth of legends, embers

that glimmered beneath the shadowed flames of oppression

—Freedom, Safety, Respect, Love—hopes

held tight like talismans, close to the hearts of the young

When I Loved Her

the cataclysm of stars, ricocheted

to the saffron, sienna, swirling

abyss; but I, I stood still

somehow, the eye

took me whole, and I

knew my fate

When I knew her

in a dance of her making, I

watched to see, if

—divergence and reunion, sing

my feet were always hers and

all I knew were eyes

that captured me

When I missed her

I watched leaves fall

twirling, twisting, toppling

dead; and I stood, staring

looking, but never finding

that map, that explanation

she always gave

When I remembered her

I remembered a storm

a blurring gale, staggering

a light, through the rain

something always, there

beside me, taking my hand

and following

When I remembered me

I couldn’t remember how

I ever came out, but then I never

walked in: the storm came to me

and I wanted and I was

a part, but then I stood

in silence


Sapphire eyes pierce

my memories as my actual

vision blurs with tears and

stings with sweat and I strike

the shovel into gravelly

soil and wonder how

someone who was so alive

could be dead

About Frances Koziar

Frances Koziar is predominantly a fiction writer with 10+ publications in literary magazines, and she is seeking an agent for a diverse NA/YA fantasy novel. Her poetry has most recently appeared in Breath and Shadow and an anthology by the Poetry Institute of Canada (Award of Excellence). She is an Aztec archaeologist and anthropologist and lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Author website: https://franceskoziar.wixsite.com/author


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