Poems from Judy Rainbow

A Child's Letter

Dear Mommy, Dear Daddy,

I’m your child, I’m your dance

I’m your music, your young romance

I’m your magic looking glass reflecting you.

I’m your greatest work of art

Created deep within your heart

I’m your wonder, your miracle of love.

See my hand prints on the wall

Hear my laughter down the hall

A symphony of sight and sound you can’t compare

O happy me just being me

In a timeless reverie I’m your wonder, your miracle of love.

I’d like your child within today

To come out with me and play

I’ll bring back memories that set you free

Of cowboy boots and dressing dolls

A caterpillar’s lazy crawl I’m your wonder, your miracle of love.

I’m the treasure that you seek

And I’m right here at your feet

I’ll bring you priceless pearls of wisdom if you choose

A wealth of joy I’ll give to you

Oh...P.S. I love you too

Cause you’re my wonder, my miracle of love

Oh, you and me can be a first

We can play with this whole universe

It’s a wonder, it’s a miracle of LOVE!

Thank You

Thank you for today in allowing me to play

With magic, story, dance and song

Remembering all the while I’m not hampered as a child

But am wise, courageous, beautiful and strong.

So help me I implore to continue to explore

Life and all its many avenues

Highs and lows, both joy and pain

Noise and silence, loss and gain

And responsibility for all I choose.

For then I’ll understand

How to serve and to command

Destiny, in accordance with God’s Plan

And when my days of little me

Become known as history

And I have walked beyond a child’s land

I’ll remember you and me

And your love that set me free

On my journey to discover who I am.

Thank you, thank you

Gratias, merci beaucoup

Mommy, Daddy, Thank you.

About Judy Rainbow

"I published WEE WIZARDS ONE-DER KIT in 1996. It was a compilation of songs and short stories targeting 4-8 y/o's. It was meant as a teaching tool for teachers and parents to emphasize self-love and the oneness of all people and things. My desire was to lay a fertile foundation of love and respect for one's self, all others, and also show the connection we have to our environment and nature."


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