Poems from Karen Horsley

With Just One Look

with just one look

the stars begin to spin in the sky

my heartbeat fluttering

my breathing rapid

my head spinning, as the stars above me

twinkle and glimmer against the dark curtain of night

your eyes, like glittering stars

intently staring into mine

just one look

and I am spinning out of control

with the stars

Life is a Ceremony

From birth to death we strive to be free

and live with a sense of autonomy

To be independent

and do what we want

But the truth I’ve found

just isn’t like that

Instead we follow life’s set course

moving along, from dot to dot

The future, we think, is ours to shape

We create our own chances, it’s not down to fate

But predetermined ritual and rite

and followed traditions guide our life

From birth to death we strive to be free

but is life, in fact, a ceremony?

Summer Flowers

Lush meadows ripen in the long days of summer

The sun, a bright welcoming warmth

Buds give way to blossom

Turning green to gold

As a carpet of buttercups washes across the field

Delicate poppies

Their petals ripple in the gentle breeze

With a flowing, wave like motion

Red over yellow, flickering

Accents of stunning contrast

Takes my breath away

And I dream

Of a world wrapped in summer flowers

With colours exploding in front of my eyes

Unleashing a sweet, fresh fragrance

Apple blossom, honeysuckle

And rose

The scent of summer

Be My Angel

Be my angel, ever present

You sit on my shoulder

and whisper in my ear

You guide me

in my thoughts and actions

I know you are there

And that I’m not alone

The life we travel

we travel alone

As time changes all

and people fade from view

Transient visitors to life

We find ourselves the only constant

About Karen Horsley

Karen Horsley is a British poet who began writing following diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, through poetry Karen found a way to express and release her emotions. Her work has been published in anthologies by nOthing BOOKS and Forward Poetry. Karen’s debut collection of poetry Kaleidoscopic Beauty is available on Amazon.


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