Poems from Karen Horsley


When did it change from love to hate

The loathing you feel is etched on your face

Your hurtful words leave invisible scars

And piercing wounds deep in my heart

We stood together, our vows were made

The promises that we’d take to the grave

The promises you so easily shed

When you found a new lover to take to our bed

But you won’t leave me for this other wife

To release me from this hellish life

Instead you remain here by my side

For all eternity I’ll be your bride

And live with the loathing etched on your face

But when did you change from love to hate

A Photograph Is Not a Memory

Stand there

left a bit

right a bit

no, move forward

yes there, that’s it


Bright white flash illuminating

making green grass greener

white clouds, pure as fresh snowfall

billowing puffs in a clear blue sky

And you stand statuesque

forcing happiness into a smile fixed on your face

your shoulders slumped, arms folded

Life unfolds around you

unnoticed as you face the camera

A heron glides over the pond

lands at the edge watching

ducks with their tails in the air

and dragonflies dancing by

their gossamer wings glistening

in the glowing midday sun

A single moment in time


… and it’s gone

as bright white flash illuminates

and time moves on

Do We Bleed?

Do we bleed in crimson light

lies that smother and hold us tight?

With colours that surround our soul

dull our sun turn earth to coal?

Do we see the world anew

a life that leads to brighter hues?

When summer rain falls from the clouds

rinsing blood from off our hands?

Do we bleed then, once again

with lies that hide the truth from men?

About Karen Horsley

Karen Horsley was born in Somerset and now lives in Cheshire with her husband and their two sons. Following diagnosis with breast cancer in 2014, she began writing poetry as a way of expressing her emotions and to provide a release for her fears. Karen quickly found success with her writing and her debut collection of poetry, Kaleidoscopic Beauty, was published in June 2018.

Karen is a featured poet in Voice of Eve - Issue 1 and has been published in anthologies from nOthing BOOKS and Forward Poetry. She has recently been appointed resident poet in a local magazine.

I am the Stars in the Sky, Karen’s second collection of poetry (published in November 2018), and Kaleidoscopic Beauty are available on Amazon.

You can find Karen at BlueSkyDays365.com or on Twitter @HorsleyPoet.


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