Poems from Merlin Flower


The winding lanes creaked, pleading

for abundant love.

I am looking

for a trace of

it, I replied.

Post me

a mail,

a small one will do,

when you find it,

I added to

the winding lane


for love in abundance.


I met a dog lover

on the road.

He gave me two

fortune cookies.

Money, wealth and love will

come to you soon,

said one.

great days ahead with

shattering wins,

said the other.

I waited for

the flourishes

that never came.

After five years

I met the dog lover


I asked.

He said,

Those weren’t fortune cookies,

They were contrary cookies.

He walked away with the cat

In tow.

I had

radiant charm

for breakfast


for lunch


spiral confusion


shy desire

for supper.

Now, pick out the


About Merlin Flower

Merlin flower is an independent artist and writer. She lives in India.

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