Poems from Sam B.


i question my

masculine because

i am no man but/

that's where i keep my strength.

heavy with

milkfull and giving

but i can't



central to


inundated with weak

but i created [breathed life]

i am god and nothing

how do i be

Ode to Reason

this poem wants to be the odyssey

with sails, billowing

as graceful

as the nutcracker

ballet, no narrative

to trip over

this poem is scared of length

enough time to disappoint

with its imperfect

how long is long

this poem will be medium

[a scathing indictment

of my millennial attention span]

and unwilling to give

emotions power

this poem wants to

"resist aboutness[1]"

but fails with glitter and fire

this poem is vulcan

not lingering

on emotion

if long poems are love poems

this is an ode to reason

this poem tries to explore

the barley i was

and the whiskey

i will become, complex

hints of vanilla and smoke

this poem strives

to understand

i am not finished distilling

this poem is a shitshow

fighting to keep

its integrity

but slicing its hands on

shards of what-if

this poem is an

ode to reason

because reason,fact


but emotion is

a spilled glass of

wine, staining

everything it touches

[1] Zucker, R. (2010). An Anatomy of the Long Poem. Retrieved from https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/text/anatomy-long-poem

About Sam B.

Sam B. is a mom of one, has two degrees (english lit and child psych), and is still a bartender because she loves talking about beer. It took her nearly four years to change her last name after getting married (on halloween). She juggles writing with the rest of living and finds inspiration difficult when nothing is wrong. ee cummings is a major influence in style; so is visual artist Brice Marden, but imagine his paintings as words.


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